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"Cycling has been re-invented for me, no more worries of tiresome hills, the area is now open to be explored."

Professional Supply, Fitting & Maintenance Service
24 Months Fittings Warranty
The Latest High Power 
Bafang Middle Drive Motors With Colour Display & USB Socket
High Quality Long Range Battery Units Built By Professionals Using Samsung, Panasonic or LG Battery Cells
Fast Turnaround Times
We Only Offer High Quality, Reliable & Safe Conversions
Finance Options Coming Soon
Charger Included
Massive Performance & Savings
Automatic Front Light Included
Gear Shift Sensor Included
Local Warranty Service
Chain Drop Catcher Included (If Required)
Replacement Gear Shifter Included (If Required)
Many Upgrades Available
Free Collection & Return Service

Within 30 Miles Of St Albans, Stevenage Or Cambridge

National Collection & Return Service Available - Please get in touch for further information and prices

1-4 Days Turnaround With Text Updates
Subject To Availability


If you already own a bicycle, you may not need to buy a complete replacement E-Bike to experience the freedom that a motorised bike lends. Why not have us add the E to the bike that you already own. Or why not consider one of our pre-upgraded models if you haven't got something suitable. 

Our packages offer amazing pulling power and range beating most retail e-bikes on both specification and price.

Our conversions are safe and offer the same safety features as other e-bikes available from the high street. 


Subject to a few basic requirements, we can convert nearly any bicycle into a road legal or off road performance E-bike which will outperform many alternatives costing 2 or even 3 times the price. 

E MY BIKE have 2 packages available for either on road or off road use. Both packages come with a massive battery capacity to give you the very best range per ride possible and a powerful Bafang Middle Motor System which pulls harder and goes faster than the majority of retail e-bikes in this price category.         

This is an adventure not to miss!

Why not get in touch and arrange a test ride?

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Our Service

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of completely stripping and re-building their own bike using new electric components, especially with limited or no support. Even if you can achieve far superior results vs an out of the box e-bike, this is an option previously only available to enthusiasts.

E MY BIKE remove the complexities & hassle of upgrading by providing a complete supply, fitting, maintenance & warranty service. The only thing you need to know is how to ride a bike!

We only offer safe, high performance and reliable Middle Motor Systems with long range 690Wh or 756Wh battery units which are built to the highest standard using Samsung, Panasonic or LG cells. Our Conversions pull hard and go far! 

With the motor weighing in at only 2.9kg, these are ideal for carrying on a bike rack.

Our service comes with a 24 month fitting warranty & 12 months manufacturer warranty (which we provide from our workshop for the majority of repairs).

Battery Options

The battery is a massive part of your new E-bike upgrade and the capacity will dictate the distance achievable per charge. 

Many retailers quote hugely exaggerated battery ranges as their standard is based on a lightweight rider providing a huge majority of the power... Lets face it, you'll probably push it harder than that! To avoid confusion we recommend that you compare the battery capacity which is quoted in Watt Hours (Wh). Bigger is better and we only provide the best! 

Our batteries are built by professionals using high quality materials, Samsung or LG Battery Cells and reliable Battery Management Systems.


Although you can still pedal an E-bike switched off, most prefer not to get caught short. This is why we only offer a massive 36v 690Wh or 756Wh battery options.

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Highest Quality
630WH OR 756WH
Battery Units

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Middle Motors
Hub Motors

E-Bikes are available in 2 configurations with either a Hub Motor or a Middle Motor system to power the E-Bike.

Typically budget E-Bikes feature Hub motors and Premium E-Bikes feature Middle Motors. What's the difference? 

Hub motors are located in the centre of the front or back wheel and power the wheel directly. Middle motors power the front crank driving the bikes chain to deliver the power through the rear cassette. 

As a Hub system runs in isolation from the bikes gearing, it doesn't matter what gear you're in (or even if your chain is missing!), the motor will pull the same. As they don't utilise your bikes gearing they're inefficient on hills (when you need the motor the most!) and the pulling power isn't brilliant. As these systems are heavy, punctures are common and without quick release wheels, its a massive pain to fix a puncture! 

Front wheel hub systems pose a safety risk as the tyre is prone to slip in wet weather or on loose surfaces causing the rider to fall. Is it really worth the small cost saving? We don't think so. 

Middle motor systems are fitted to the centre of the bike making the E-Bike feel far more natural to ride. The motor spins the front crank and the power is delivered via the chain (giving the motor access to the gears you have on the back wheel). With this setup you are able to ride in tune with the motor making its battery usage far more efficient delivering a longer range per charge and a far superior balanced riding experience vs the hub motor systems.  

In the event of a puncture, a middle motor E-Bike is the same as a traditional bicycle with no cables to unplug or zip ties to remove.

The Bafang middle motor system that we offer pulls at a massive 80Nm torque which is the same as many performance E-Bikes that cost many thousands more to buy.

Lets face it, all E-Bikes are great fun and anything that gives you assistance is brilliant when you're new to the hobby. However, once you've ridden a middle motor system you wont look back! 

When comparing E-Bikes its important to consider the motors location as well as the battery capacity to get the best value for money. 

Our middle motor conversions are equivalent in price to hub E-Bikes you will see in the high street, but they offer the equivalent in reliability, range and performance as the high end E-Bikes many simply cant afford.


Here's What A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say

MArk & Julia

The New Forest


So today Julia and I took delivery of our electric bikes! Some might say that we are opting out but these will make a huge difference to our cycling options. They are in fact our old bikes refurbished and converted to electric by E MY BIKE. 

They have done a fantastic job for us converting our old bikes and have to say one of the nicest businesses we have ever dealt with! No question was considered silly, and no effort spared in providing exactly what we wanted. Even collected the bikes and delivered them back when ready.

Only 4 days from start to finished!

The bikes have really powerful middle motors and long range batteries. A quick trial today and I can honestly say that I have never ridden a bicycle like it! We can't wait to have a proper day out on them.

If you are thinking of E-Bikes you really should consider these guys. 



Southgate, London


I had been interested in buying an electric bike for some time, but, despite doing my research I was none the wiser as to the various options available.

Having seen the E-MY-BIKE site, I was impressed with the concise way the information was provided. The option to buy new or have your bike converted was a winner for me.


My old bike had seen better days but Matt confirmed it was suitable for conversion. I also had the brakes replaced with new grips and various other parts which made it feel new again. 

Following a conversation with Matt, I took the plunge and joined the e-bike community. The first ride was unbelievably impressive. The 'electric assist' allows you to climb up hills effortlessly, whilst on easier terrain you can pedal with as much or as little effort as you would like, by turning off the 'assist'.

Cycling has been re-invented for me, no more worries of tiresome hills, the area is now open to be explored. 

I have been impressed with the quality of the components and the confidence that this e-bike option now provides me with hours of cycling fun.

Thank you Matt and E-MY-BIKE, keep up the good work.

Vicky Blue Caps.jpeg




Anyone thinking of investing in an E-Bike then talk to Matt at E MY BIKE first. I ordered a standard Cererra Vengeance Mountain Bike from Halfords and had it delivered to Matt. 

He has done a fantastic E-Bike conversion for me. That bike can shift effortlessly!!!! 

He has also 'pimped' it up a little to subtly set it apart from all other black Carerras, by adding some personal blue touches. 

I would totally recommend Matt and his little extra touches and attention to detail set him apart from the rest.


I wanted an E-Bike to help with towing my dog in her new trailer when I am away in my motorhome. I will have to keep reminding myself she is there!!!

Vicky Blue Gear.jpeg
Vicky Blue Bolts.jpeg

Compatible With Most Standard Bikes

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My Bike Vs retail comparisons


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