Our Service

E-bikes are awesome, we're yet to meet anyone who disagrees! 

Unfortunately they can be expensive. Of course you can buy some amazing E-bikes with an unlimited budget but as you have to buy the whole bike, only a fraction is actually spent on the "E" elements. 

This is where we started our journey. We noticed that many of the factory E-bikes are very similar to typical "traditional or acoustic bikes", but have a motor & battery fitted. It can seem wasteful buying a whole new bike for the added wizardry of a motorised experience. There must be another way........

MY BIKE is a service led installation, repair & maintenance provider for the highest quality, safe, reliable & powerful mid drive E-bike systems. All available for the bike that you already own.  

We take the stress away from upgrading your existing bike by offering a local, friendly & knowledgeable supply, fitting & ongoing maintenance service.

No longer do you have to worry about the technical aspects of upgrading your bike or the warranty elements thereafter. 

Get in touch today to add the latest and greatest motorised technology to your existing bicycle that will outperform the retail equivalent, for a significantly reduced cost. All with UK based support and free motor servicing when required (excluding parts).