pre-upgraded, Ready TO RIDE e-bikes 

2021 Carrera Vengeance
from Halfords

Our Brand New & Ready To Ride Professionally E-Upgraded Carrera Vengeance 2022. 

A high quality budget mountain bike with Front Suspension, Disk Brakes, 8 Speed Cassette, Large 27.5" Puncture Resistant Tyres, A Comfortable Memory Foam Saddle and a price tag of only £360.00 (before E-Upgrade from Halfords).


We stock this model as our Pre-Upgraded Ready To Ride E-Bike. 


- Pre-Upgraded with a powerful Bafang Middle Motor System that delivers a colossal 80Nm of torque (pulling power). 


- Long Range 630Wh or 756Wh Battery Units built by professionals using Samsung or LG Cells. With charger included. 


- Gear Shift Sensor Fitted For Smooth Gear Shifting (momentarily reduces the motor power when gears are changed) 

- Replacement Gear Shifter Included

- Safety Lights Available

This bike pulls hard and goes far! Delivering excellent value for money and amazing performance, this is an E-Bike not to miss! 

In Stock, Fully Charged & Ready To Ride - Call Now For Further Information Or To Book A Test Ride

We have selected the Carrera Vengeance as our base bike as it features good quality components and excellent value for money.  However, don't forget that we can upgrade most traditional bikes so if you prefer another make and model, please get in touch to discuss. 

In addition to our awesome custom built E-Bikes, we offer a wide range of factory built E-Bikes from our partner company. 

Click the below link to see a selection of our high quality factory E-Bikes. In stock and ready to deliver!

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